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VELO Berry Frost combines wild berries with fresh mint to create a tingly experience in the mouth. With a touch of mint, the perceived strength of the nicotine can be increased during snus use and the effect is perceived more intensely. Wild Berry give the product a sweet taste and provide a pleasant change.


The nicotine content is indicated on the lid of the tin and the strength is made clear by means of symbols. Berry Frost is available in several strengths to choose from, namely:

So the nicotine pouches are medium to strong and the effect starts shortly after use. For this reason, the product is suitable for people who prefer a less intense effect, as well as for experienced snus users who are after a strong kick, because VELO Berry Frost Strong has a particularly strong effect with 20mg nicotine

Even with the bag sizes there are variations. So you can buy Berry Frost in mini as well as in slim format. Mini and Slim are both considered very discreet sizes that fit perfectly under the upper lip and remain unnoticed there. Which size is best for you, you should try for yourself! You can easily buy VELO products and other snus brands in our snus store.


VELO Berry Frost without tobacco

To produce snus without tobacco, nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant and filled into cellulose pouches in the form of salt or liquid. Nicotine Pouches are visually different from other snus products, in addition to the ingredients, because the contents and the pouches themselves are white. Due to the white color, they are also often titled as All White Snus. The pouch and pouch contents are dry and therefore do not run during use.


Use of VELO Snus

All White Snus is used in the same way as other snus pouches: Take one of the pouches from the tin and put it under your upper lip - the effect of nicotine will be felt in your body in a short time. Nicotine helps to calm the nerves and triggers a relaxing effect in its users. 

White snus is less harmful than other tobacco products, as it is not burned during use and therefore does not produce toxic smoke. Likewise, snus and nicotine pouches do not produce passive smoke, which means that they do not disturb your fellow human beings. The products are especially suitable for people who want to quit smoking gradually.


What makes VELO so special

VELO is an established name on the snus market - the equally successful brands EPOK and LYFT were united under this term. Before its foundation, the company Winnington, which was taken over by BAT, still produced snus with tobacco. In the meantime, however, it specializes only in the production of tobacco-free nicotine pouches. 

At VELO, the variety of flavors is highly valued. New flavors are released regularly so that there is something for every snuser. Besides Berry Frost, you can also try Herbal Mix with fresh herbal flavor from the Swiss Alps. VELO also makes limited editions, like Apple Blossom. Try them now!

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